Flat-Tee™ was born out of the pains of hitting off synthetic driving range mats. All too often we read about how practicing off mats has an adverse effect on a player's game, and can increase the risk of injury to arms and clubs. Most instructors will teach you to tee up your ball, even on a real grass surface, no matter how close to the ground.

The creator of Flat-Tee™ was hitting at one of his local driving ranges and noticed others using a variety of methods to raise the ball up off the mat when hitting their irons and hybrids – from rubber washers to bottle caps. He immediately realized there must be a better way to alleviate the problems associated with hitting off conventional driving range mats. After consulting with golf professionals, pro shops, and everyday players regarding the proper design and correct heights, he invented the Flat-Tee™. As a bonus, the Flat-Tee™ worked great on the tee box at his course, as well.


Made in the U.S.A.