Flat-Tee™ is designed and manufactured with the two tee-heights most often recommended by golf professionals to hit irons and hybrids from the driving range mat or tee box. Players are assured of a consistent tee-height, every swing.


Flat-Tee™ not only performs beautifully on all driving range mats, but also works great on the tee box of your favorite golf course. Using Flat-Tee™ ensures your ball is teed up to the correct height every time, helping you strike the ball with confidence.


Flat-Tee™ is injection molded using a proprietary blend impact modified nylon, making it virtually unbreakable. Without having to stick a tee in the ground, Flat-Tee™ simply pops up after your tee shot, rather than snapping.

An idea so simple, yet so brilliant.


“It took me a few strokes to get used to the Flat-Tee™, but now I swear by it! It has added ten yards to my shots. Honest!”,
Darryl, Jose’s Golf Range
“Not only does the Flat-Tee work great off driving range mats, but I also use it to hit my hybrid off the par fours while playing. I find I can shape my shot better, using Flat-Tee™.”
-Adam, Los Angeles
“The Flat-Tee™ is amazing! Being able to hit off the mat without jamming my wrists made practicing so much easier. I now recommend this to all my students.”
-PGA Teaching Pro
“I play the par three a couple times a month...the PGA pro gave me a couple Flat-Tees™ to try...I dislike the mats...Flat-Tee™ allowed me to hit thru the ball without getting caught in the green stuff...Great Idea!”
Jack, Alameda Golf Complex